Exploring foreign languages allows learners the opportunity to understand and communicate with different cultures. There are many reasons to learn a foreign language, including discovering your cultural heritage, intellectual travel, or career opportunities in a foreign country. There is a wide range of learning materials available on the web that enable you to study languages, including lessons, electronic translators, dictionaries, and language courses. The following resources will provide these learning materials to help you learn new languages.


> French


While any foreign language will be useful in the right regions or careers, French is one of the few languages that are considered an international language; others include Spanish, English, and Arabic. French is the second most frequently taught language after English. French is used by approximately two hundred million people worldwide. You can learn the French language, too, by studying the following lesson plans, activities, worksheets, and grammar resources.

  • Accord Academy: This French language school located in Paris provides a large collection of resources for learning the French language and its importance.
  • French to/from English Dictionary: Bilingual dictionary for translating French to English and English to French and provides easy to understand definitions.
  • Bonjour de France: Online interactive magazine for all levels of French learners to help practice the language through interactive exercises.
  • French Assistant: User-friendly site for students learning French with tons of lesson plans, audio files, tests, and vocabulary and grammar resources.
  • The French Experience: An online multimedia course to help beginner French students learn how to use the language in various situations.
  • French Language Course: Nine French lessons to help with pronunciation, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, plurals, and sentence structure.
  • Language Guide: Large collection of French resources for all levels, including a comprehensive grammar guide, interactive readings, and interactive pictures.
  • The Paris Pages: French students can learn about the city, its people, and its culture in both the English and French version of the site.
  • WordProf: Interactive French lessons, interactive scenes, and vocabulary tests with over nine thousand basic vocabulary words to learn.
  • Zut: Collection of interactive activities for French teachers and students to utilize and learn reading, writing, and listening skills.

> Italian


Many people consider the Italian language to be the most beautiful spoken language in the world. When traveling to visit Roman towns or cities, cathedrals, monasteries, and other historic landmarks in Italian-speaking areas, learning their primary language can make the visit that much more valuable. The following list of links will provide you will tutorials, language skills, and podcasts for Italian learners.

  • Free Italian Language Learning Resources: List of grammar, reading, and vocabulary learning resources for beginners and advanced Italian learners.
  • Langmedia: Examples of authentic Italian language and how to pronounce basic communications and social life situations.
  • One World Italiano: Complete learning course for students of all levels, including grammar, vocabulary, and Italian culture.
  • Learn Italian Language with Podcasts: Several lessons and podcasts to allow you to listen and repeat common Italian words and phrases.
  • Verbix: Online tool that allows students to conjugate any Italian verb.
  • Oggi e Domani: Interactive lesson course for beginner Italian learners with exercises, audio clips, and resources from beginner to intermediate level.
  • You Too Can Learn Italian: Three Italian lessons which include a list of vocabulary words, numbers, and pronunciation of words.
  • Italian Course for Beginners: Free Italian course for English speakers with information on nouns, numerals, and more.
  • Italian Online: Grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary exercises, lessons and games for students learning Italian.

> Spanish


Approximately 500 million people worldwide speak Spanish, including half of the Western Hemisphere. Speaking and understanding the Spanish language is becoming more and more valuable to those who live in the United States, and throughout the world. Spanish is especially important in the areas of agriculture and agriculture management, because there is a high percentage of Spanish-speaking professionals in that field. The following Spanish lessons, tips, and guidelines to advance your language skills.

  • Spanish Language Audio: MP3 files that can be played and repeated to help students learn common Spanish words and phrases.
  • 1,2,3 Spanish: Dictionary, games, and activities centered around the Spanish language for beginner Spanish learners.
  • Free Online Multimedia Course: Students will find a total of five valuable lessons within this online Spanish course.
  • Help with Spanish: Tips on studying Spanish including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading, and listening techniques.
  • Spanish Grammar Exercises: Interactive Spanish grammar exercises to help students learn verb usage, conjunctions, prepositions, and more.
  • Learning Spanish Grammar: Learn the various parts of Spanish grammar with this website that is completely in Spanish.
  • Spanish Language Exercises: Web page dedicated to teaching Spanish through interactive exercises and interesting material.
  • Language and Culture: Students can learn about the Spanish culture while conquering a large collection of educational activities.
  • Spanish Enhancement: Find Spanish themes, curriculum, lesson plans, instructional activities, and macro-skill focus according to grade level.

> Russian


Learning Russian is extremely useful when traveling to Russia or Slavic countries. The Russian language is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Many world-famous literary pieces were created by Russian poets and writers; making it increasingly valuable to learn. Use the following resources to learn more about the Russian language and how to speak it.


> German


Whether you want to communicate with German-speaking people in your area or prepare yourself for a trip to Germany, there are many reasons to learn the language. There are over one hundred and twenty million native German-speakers around the world. German is the third most popular foreign language taught in schools today. The following German educational resources will provide students with learning materials that will help them learn this fascinating foreign language.


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