Pregnancy massages are meant to promote relaxation, the relief of a strained back, and the soothing of nerves. The second and the third trimesters of pregnancy are when a pregnancy massage is most beneficial to a woman, because those trimesters are when the additional weight in a woman’s belly puts more strain and pressure on her back. There are a few places where women can find and get a pregnancy massage, those being spas and hospitals. However, before a woman treats herself and goes for a pregnancy massage, she should take caution. Before going, she ought to make certain that the massage therapist to whom she is going has been specially trained to avoid any risks of miscarriage.


> Prenatal Massage


Prenatal massage is massage therapy that is especially tailored to an expectant mother’s demands. Prenatal massage is different from a regular massage because it demands that a new mother’s body has to be positioned as well as supported in the right way; this is achieved by utilizing pillows and some padding. Padding and the right pillows ensure that both the mother as well as the baby are comfortable. Further, certain massage techniques like deep tissue massage are forbidden for use on expectant mothers, and specific areas of the mother’s body ought to be avoided as well.

Women who are expecting and who have received prenatal massage have found several benefits after they received the prenatal massage. They have found that it relieves stress, takes away aches that are in the joints and the muscles, and lessens swellings in one’s arms and the legs. When options for relief during pregnancy are limited, prenatal massage fills the void effectively, and it also is a widely used, complementary therapy to treat back pain. Therapy of this sort has also been found to reduce anxiety and stress in pregnant women.


> Labor Massage


Labor massage is known as a term that is provided to various physical relaxation techniques, which employ both pressure and movement to ensure that the muscles in a pregnant woman are stretched and loosened. Labor massage works because massage techniques like it can relax tense muscles, which lowers the feeling of pain in the pregnant woman. During labor, these muscles that are tense are able to produce sensations of really painful contractions. In addition, labor massage is also known to promote relaxation of the body overall.

Labor massage is meant to be employed by using a touch pattern on the pregnant woman that should be used through several contractions. Second, the massage should be started only after the pregnant woman discovers a position that is comfortable for her. Finally, if a pregnant woman actually feels tickled during a labor massage, that simply means that her muscles are tense. The solution is to just apply deep pressure until that tickled muscle finally gets relaxed.

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    > Post Pregnancy Massage


    Post pregnancy massage provides quite some benefits to new mothers who have to adjust to their situation. What a post pregnancy massage addresses, provided it is done on a regular basis, physical symptoms as well as any emotional ones. Post pregnancy massages have the effect of rejuvenating a woman’s soul, mind and also her body, permitting her to be the best mom that she can possibly be. The benefits of post pregnancy massage can take many shapes and forms.

    For example, post pregnancy massage helps to naturally re-establish the pelvis structure integrity of a woman after childbirth, and it also promotes healthier lactation. Post pregnancy massage can also have the effect of helping a woman’s hormones: It has been shown to reduce stress hormones after childbirth. If a woman had to deliver her baby via Caesarian Section, post pregnancy massage can even help to heal that, as it can also help to heal any post-episiotomy soreness and any bladder disorders. Any shoulder, back or neck pain can also be relieved from post pregnancy massage.

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  • Post pregnancy massage is shown to help expectant mothers as well as new mothers. Pregnancy massages of all sorts, prenatal, labor and post pregnancy, have been shown to have positive effects on new mothers. Prenatal massage has been found by expectant mothers to help them in relieving stress before the baby is due. Labor massage has been revealed to be very helpful during labor, providing an easing of muscle tension for the new mother. Post pregnancy massage has been found to help a new mother in a number of ways ranging from the relief of simple pains like shoulder and back pain to lessening stress hormones after childbirth.


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