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Oklahoma City, OK CAMPUS

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is filled with award-winning museums, attractions and a lively arts and culture community. The city features one of the largest livestock markets in the world and the economy of Oklahoma City has diversified to include government, energy exploration, information technology, health services and administration. Oklahoma City has a friendly, home-town vibe with smiling faces that make you feel welcome. Source: Wikipedia

The Heritage Oklahoma City campus offers the following programs: Therapeutic Massage, Esthetics, Personal Trainer, Pharmacy Technician, Veterinary Technician, Medical Office Billing and Coding, X-Ray Medical Technician® – Medical Assistant, and Surgical Technology.

While employment is not guaranteed, Heritage offers specialized classes and top-notch placement resources to help you find positions in the following careers: Medical Assistant, Limited-Scope X-Ray Technician, Surgical Technologist, Esthetician, Veterinary Technician, Medical Coder, Personal Trainer, Pharmacy Technician, and Massage Therapist.

An Oklahoma City Distance Learning School

Heritage College Oklahoma City campus offers distance learning in the following programs: Massage Therapy, Personal Trainer, and Hospital and Health Services Management®. Distance learning students are required to come in-person to the school one day per week for classroom training, however most course work can be accomplished online through the Heritage distance learning system. For more information about the Heritage Distance Learning program, click here.

Vet Tech Program

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Esthetics Program

Estheticians provide care and treatment that maximizes the skins’ health and beauty. These professional skin-care specialists, also known as Aestheticians, provide preventive care for the outer layer of your body and offer treatments to maintain or improve the skins’ appearance. Estheticians perform facials and facial massage, as well as other esthetic treatments of the skin. If you want to improve the health of the populations’ skin by learning health and beauty techniques, choose Heritage for your Esthetician program.

Medical Office Billing and Coding School

Heritage is proud to offer the Medical Office Billing and Coding program. This program includes medical office billing and coding training and much more.  Graduates of this program have an opportunity for entry-level employment working in a medical front office.  These personnel contribute to efficient operations in many facets of healthcare, including medical coding, insurance billing, and patient records.

Therapeutic Massage Program

Therapeutic Massage has become an effective tool in a broad array of uses, including physical therapy, senior care, sports massage, chiropractic medicine and more. Heritage Therapeutic Massage students study an intensive curriculum that includes Swedish Massage, Sports Massage and more. Whether your career goal is to travel the world on a cruise ship, operate a spa, or work independently, Massage Therapy can offer a broad array of career choices.

Personal Trainer Program

Personal Trainers coach their clients through various workouts (weights, aerobics, and flexibility training). In addition, they go over nutrition, fat loss, and cardiovascular conditioning to help them reach their fitness, personal, and health goals. Personal Trainer professionals enjoy helping other people while also getting in the best shape of their lives.

Pharmacy Technician Program

Pharmacy Technicians work with pharmacists and assist in providing medications to patients in retail or hospital settings. Our Pharmacy Technician program trains and prepares pharmacist assistants for employment in entry-level pharmacy assistant positions.

Surgical Technology Program

Surgical technicians are members of operating room teams, which most commonly include anesthesiologists, surgeons, and circulating nurses. Surgical techs assist in surgical operations under the supervision of registered nurses, surgeons or other surgical personnel. They prepare the patient and operating room prior to surgery and assist during the procedure.

Veterinary Technician Training

Heritage offers a Veterinary Technician program designed to prepare graduates for entry-level positions in animal care professions. Graduates of Heritage Veterinary Technician programs provide animal health care in conjunction with Veterinarians. Veterinary Techs must be knowledgeable in the care and handling of animals, their life processes, medical and surgical nursing, anesthesiology, diagnostic imaging, and clinical laboratory procedures.

X-Ray Medical Technician® – Medical Assistant Program

The Heritage X-Ray Medical Technician® – Medical Assistant program consists of a curriculum of medical assisting courses that include classes in limited-scope x-ray. Graduates of the X-Ray Medical Technician® – Medical Assistant program hold a valuable place in the medical community. They not only have the ability to perform x-rays but are also trained medical assistants.