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Estheticians learn and then teach their clients how important it is to take proper care of your skin. Care and treatment that maximizes the skins’ health and beauty is provided by estheticians. These professional skin-care specialists, also known as Aestheticians or cosmetologists, provide preventive care for the outer layer of skin and offer treatments to improve its’ appearance. Estheticians perform facials and facial massage, as well as other esthetic treatments of the skin like body wraps and mud baths.

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Professional Esthetician Career

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Heritage offers students and graduates of the Jacksonville esthetician school a continued resource for finding jobs after they graduate. When you enroll at Heritage, you gain access to our job hunting and career building resources. These resources are available to you as a student and throughout your career.

Esthetician School

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Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. Our Heritage Financial Aid Advisors will be happy to help you explore your options. Visit our Paying for School page for more information.

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