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Little Rock Emergency Medical Technician

Heritage is not currently accepting enrollments for this program.

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) have a very important role in emergency and life-threatening situations. Emergency Medical Technicians administer first aid or life support care to injured or sick persons in pre-hospital settings. They are trained to make quick decisions and perform emergency treatment procedures to stabilize the patient before they get to a hospital.

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Placement Assistance

Students at the Little Rock EMT school are placed in emergency medical technician  internships by our campus placement office during their schooling. Both current students and graduates alike are able to use the Heritage placement office as a job hunting and career building resource.

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You can, and you will not be doing it alone. At Heritage, we are dedicated to helping every student succeed, which is not part of a typical college experience. If even one student fails, we feel that we have failed as an institution. If you are engaged, we will not give up on you. Call or contact us to get more info today.

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Financial aid is available for students who qualify. Our Heritage Financial Assistance Advisors will be happy to help you explore your options.

Disclaimer: EMT vs. Paramedic – What is the Difference?
There are two levels of certification that are common to almost every state, EMT – Basic and EMT – Paramedic. Heritage offers a short program that leads to an EMT – Basic certification.  At this time we do not offer the EMT – Paramedic course. Please note that states will sometimes use different names for various levels of EMT and Paramedic certification.

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