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Estheticians provide care and treatment to maximize the health and beauty of skin.

These professional skin care specialists, known as Estheticians (or sometimes Aestheticians) work in Salons, Day Spas, and Retail Centers.

Estheticians provide preventive care for the skin and offer treatments to keep it healthy and attractive. They perform facials and facial massage, as well as numerous other esthetic treatments.

If you are fascinated by health and beauty and if you have a strong interest in working in the health and beauty industry, Esthetician may be the career for you.


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The Heritage Denver esthetician school, Kansas City esthetician school, Oklahoma City esthetician school, and Jacksonville esthetician school view estheticians as professionals who can make enormous improvements in their clients' lives. Our esthetician school teaches esthetics as a profession. Our Denver, Colorado esthetician school; Kansas City esthetician school; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma esthetician school; and Jacksonville, Florida esthetician school emphasize careers and the skills necessary for our grads to be qualified for entry-level esthetics jobs. Your curriculum at the Heritage Denver esthetician school, Oklahoma City esthetician school, Kansas City esthetician school, and Jacksonville esthetician school will include training in facials, facial massage, skin care, skin medicine, and maintaining healthy skin (skin health). Heritage esthetician schools are much more than beauty schools or cosmetology schools. Some of our training covers skills taught in a beauty school or a cosmetology school, but our esthetician schools focus exclusively on skin care and skin health. Some other common terms for Esthetician are Aesthetician, Cosmetician, medical esthetician, skin health practitioner, skin care specialist, and paramedical esthetician. Some even call the career (incorrectly) esthetician. Whether you call it Aesthetics or Esthetics, our Denver esthetician school, Kansas City esthetician school, Oklahoma City esthetician school, or Jacksonville esthetician school may be the answer you are looking for. At the Heritage esthetician schools, we prepare our estheticians for professional careers that can give them satisfaction through service to others.


Esthetician Schools Prepare Students
for a Great New Esthetics Career

People are beginning to discover that a health-based focus on skin care can make a real difference in how young they look and feel. At the Heritage esthetician school, we are dedicated to training estheticians for a long and satisfying professional esthetician career. The Heritage esthetician course includes esthetics classes that cover many esthetics modalities and esthetician techniques. All of our esthetician courses at our esthetics school cover professional level experience with a broad spectrum of topics and subjects in every esthetics class. Our esthetician training includes esthetics classes and esthetics courses designed to prepare our graduates for professional esthetics careers.


Heritage Campuses Offering
the Esthetician Course

Heritage College and Heritage Institute campuses across the country offer the Heritage Esthetician course, which includes classes and training in numerous modalities of esthetics and professional skin care. The esthetics program is available at the following Heritage campuses:


Heritage Esthetician Occupational Schools (Aesthetician Schools)

Are you trying to find a skin care specialist school? Do you need an esthetician school in Denver, Colorado; Kansas City, Missouri; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; or Jacksonville, Florida? Do you want to go to an accredited esthetician school? Do you want to go to an accredited aesthetician school? Our esthetician schools in Denver, Jacksonville, and Oklahoma City are accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). Call. (888) 334-7339 Do it now. We will help you.


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Congratulations! You've already taken the first step toward a rewarding career in skin care & esthetics. We know that because you've found our esthetician school online. The second step can be the hardest for many people. You need to contact us. If you really want to change your life and become an esthetician, you should do it now. If you wait, you may never come back. Just request more info by clicking here, or call us toll-free at (888) 334-7339. The sooner you start, the sooner you can become an esthetician.

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