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Pharmacy Technicians work in grocery stores, retail shopping franchises, retail pharmacies and hospitals.

Pharmacy Tech school graduates can expect to enjoy working in a professional environment with licensed pharmacists, and assisting in providing healthcare and medications to patients in retail or hospital settings.

If you like flexible schedules and the freedom to work in a variety of locations, Pharmacy Technician training may be a good choice for you.


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Going to Pharmacy Technician School

Pharmacy technician school can prepare you for an exciting pharmacy tech career that focuses on helping people. A pharmacy tech career can also serve as an excellent starting point for many other health care jobs.

Are you trying to find a pharmacy technician school? Do you need a pharmacy tech school in Denver, Colorado; Cleveland, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Jacksonville, Florida; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Little Rock, Arkansas; Wichita, Kansas; Ft Myers, FL; or Kansas City, Missouri? Do you want to go to an accredited pharmacy tech school? Our pharmacy technician schools in Denver, Little Rock, Ft Myers, Cleveland, Columbus, Oklahoma City, Jacksonville, Wichita, and Kansas City are accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).


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All Heritage College and Heritage Institute campuses offer the Pharmacy Tech course. Classes are available at the following Heritage locations:


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